New Forum

There is a new organisation in Yorkshire called the Yorkshire Cancer Patient Forum and it invites all people affected by cancer to contribute and give their views and opinion on services in the Yorkshire region. Details of their website is on the Links page.



Our next meeting will take place  24.4.19 from 10.00am until 12.00 noon (see below), but there will be a social get together at John Lewis on 20.3.19.


30/1/19 at Bexley Wing, St James's hospital at 10 am. Meet in main entrance at 9.55am.

20/3/19 Social meeting at John Lewis Community Hub, 4th Floor, Victoria Gate, The Headrow, Leeds, 11.30-13.30

24/4/19 at Bexley Wing at 10am. Meet in entrance at 9.55 am.

4/6/19 at Thackray Medical Museum at 10am.

24/7/19 at Thackray Medical Museum at 10am.

4/9/19 at Thackray Medical Museum at 10am.

COFFEE DROP IN DAYS (10am-12 noon)



The Panpals meeting was held in St. James's Hospital, Leeds on Wed, January 30th 2019

We were delighted to welcome Mr Alistair Young, Consultant Surgeon at St James's to mention a couple of projects that his team are considering.

The first involved Multi-Disciplinary Meetings (MDT) and our view on them. There was discussion about their role, the absence of patient input and potential for delay. His proposal was related to a computer program which would ensure that all relevant information had been obtained before a patient's case was present to a MDT at St James's. A number of current cases are missing information which then necessitates delay. There was discussion about AI making decisions involving patient care and Mr Young assured us that a clinician would always be involved with that.

The second involved a suggestion that a patient's search engine history might give clues that this patient may have undiagnosed pancreatic cancer. Getting access to this information may allow ealier diagnosis. Mr Young wished to know what we thought about the idea. The majority were sceptical, in light of recent information abuse by socail media companies, of whether unfettered access to search hsitory would be allowed by most people. The initial study would be anonymised but there was not much enthusiasm shown by our group.

Panpals were delighted to hand over a cheque for £250 to purchase a brick in the new Maggies Centre being built in Leeds.


Ward 82 day room is in need of refurbishment and a feasibility plan was actioned for Panpals to contribute toward this. 

General discussion ensued over tea and biscuits.

Ramon has organised a coffee morning and tombola in Addingham on the morning of 11.5.19  All Panpals members and others who are able to help, please contact Panpals or Ramon on email. Items for the tombola would be appreciated.