About us

We are a voluntary support group. We consist of patients who have pancreatic cancer and their families and carers, and have help from Clinical Nurse Specialists and a Support Worker who are based at St. James’s Hospital in Leeds. 

We are based in and around Leeds, but we cover all of Yorkshire. We hold meetings roughly every three months and aim to get as many people as possible to attend. In addition, we hold cofee drop-ins every 6 weeks or so in the same venue.
The meetings usually consist of a period of talk and discussion, and often involve a specialist speaker who will talk about some aspects of the illness. Overall, the meetings are very informal in nature and no-one is obliged to speak in public.

There is no cost involved in your becoming a member of our group although we encourage a small contribution towards refreshments. You may come to as many or as few of the meetings as you wish. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support people and their families after they have been given the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

We know that the first few weeks and months are especially difficult and that the problems can be physical, emotional, social and financial, and often a mixture of all of these. It may also depend on what type of treatment has taken place or is proposed. 

What we offer

We have found by sharing experiences and problems of common concern, they can become less frightening and become easier to cope with. It is also reassuring to know that the problems you might be experiencing are often very common and others have found ways of overcoming them.

We aim for newer members to take over the running of meetings in due course. Communication is currently by email or text. We hope to meet you soon at one of our meetings.



1          PANPALS will offer support to Pancreatic Cancer patients, their families and carers at informal get-togethers on an approximately quarterly basis with occasional speakers and other medical staff. Membership is free but a request for donations towards expenses may be made.

2          Attendees may be patients, carers or their relatives and the specialist nurses.

3          Attendees will respect each other’s views and opinions and remain polite and confidential at all times. Sharing email addresses and/or phone numbers is by consent.

4          The group will use the bank account for monies collected from members and others. Any monies are primarily to cover the expenses of the group but any excess may be donated to a charity agreed by the majority of members.

5          The Bank Account will have 3 named signatories:-

            Karen Stead

            Nicholas John Nathan

            Paula Trainor

Any withdrawals need 2 signatures. Any changes to the banking signatories must be agreed by at least two-thirds of those members present at that meeting.

7          We may work with other groups on occasions.

8          Any voting will be by show of hands by the attendees at the time.

9          A yearly income/expenditure sheet will be produced by the Treasurer.

10.      The members of the committee are:

            Karen Stead-Chairperson and patient

            Nicholas John Nathan-Secretary/Treasurer and patient

            Lucy O'Hare-patient

            Paula Trainor-Specialist Nurse Admin.